Are you sick of the constant exhaustion of carrying around excess weight? Are you tired of failing over and over again to lose those extra pounds? Are you ready to say goodbye to yo-yo diets, calorie counting, weigh-ins and feeling totally deprived? Do you long to be fit, healthy and energetic?

"Jessica described how I was when I came here four weeks ago - angry, feeling out of control...I also remember feeling hopeless. But I can't really remember that because I'm a resilient person, even when faced with challenges I prioritize my physical and mental health, I put my fitness and nutrition first, and I have the confidence to do anything. It feels like my goals are inevitabilities. I have done estimable acts like eating well and going to the gym everyday - it's built up my self-esteem significantly. I am full of hope, excited for my future, and I have learned powerful tools and skills I'll have with me always."
Sarah Anderson
Journalist, Vancouver

Hypnosis helps people take back control of their weight in a heathy, realistic and sustainable way. Our program doesn’t rely on restrictive eating plans or impossible to maintain diets. Instead, our customized sessions help you train your mind to easily and automatically eat and move in a healthier more balanced way. This way of eating and moving becomes your new way of life.

"No shame! Good choices! Everything is a decision! I believe everything is possible! I am happy! I feel centred! I can do this or anything!"
Justine Greene

Our hypnosis clients are amazed at how easy it becomes to lose weight and keep it off, and you can be one of them.

All of our hypnosis programs start with a free screening session. This allows you to discover if hypnosis is a tool you can use to lose weight and reach your goals. Call 604-401-6132 to book your FREE screening now!

Don’t let excess weight hold you back from your dreams. Your new fit life is waiting for you!