Self confidence

When you lack self-confidence, it impacts all areas of our life. You might take fewer risks, avoid trying new things, or miss out on golden opportunities. When you don’t feel confident in yourself it can lead to stress, fear, and beating yourself up or being self-critical. This can create difficulty in relationships, at school or work, and hold you back from achieving our goals.
All of this can make you feel trapped like a prisoner in the same cycle. You may know you are capable of more but simply can’t see a way out of these old unuseful ways of thinking.
Hypnosis can help you to escape negative thoughts and beliefs causing a lack of self-confidence and give you the tools to create more useful thoughts and actions. With hypnosis, you can learn to recognize your own worth and value, and to trust in your own abilities.
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"I saw Jessica regarding my self-confidence and the small exercises she has taught me has greatly helped ground myself and stop myself from overthinking and being mean to myself. The small exercises and self-hypnosis has helped remind myself that I belong in the world and that I matter. It has helped me be kinder to myself"
Rhoda Encarnacion
Receptionist, Vancouver