When we are in fear, we can’t think clearly. We become overwhelmed by our emotions and can’t focus on the task at hand. This makes it hard to live our lives and get things done, let alone reach the goals we truly want. When we release fears, we can finally begin to think more clearly and make better decisions and start taking actions to build a better future for ourselves.


At Pleasant Hypnosis we have custom hypnosis programs for people who have finally decided it is time to get over their fears and enjoy the freedom of taking back control of their life. We help people with all kinds of fears including but not limited to:

  • Fear of going to the dentist or doctor
  • Fear of flying or driving
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of germs
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of vomiting
  • Fear of small spaces
  • Fear of animals or bugs


Our hypnosis programs are tailored to the individual to help them overcome their fears and discover the joy of freedom.

It’s never too late to let go of fears and start living the life you want. Call us at 604-401-6132 to book your FREE hypnosis screening today and say goodbye to fear and hello to confidence!

“My whole life I have experienced extreme anxiety when going to the dentist. I avoided making appointments for regular care, leading to dental emergencies. When I had to go I would take a sedative or request full sedation during treatments. I was filled with fear and shame. I decided to try hypnosis and contacted Jessica at Pleasant hypnosis, and she was able to see me online for our sessions as I live outside the Lower Mainland. Since learning to use hypnosis to manage my fears I have had two subsequent dental appointments and I have had no experience of anxiety. It is such a relief and delight to be able to think clearly, to be consciously present during dental visits, and to feel rational during conversations with the dentist and the assistants, rather than how it used to be. The hypnosis sessions have also had a ripple effect on my sense of well-being generally. I feel calmer, more confident, clear-minded, energized, and emotionally stronger.”

Denise Lawson, Gallery Curator